Blitz Games

Responsive Design

Whilst the Blitz Games website had already undertaken some work that I'd completed to make it accessible via mobiles, it was still not at its optimal performance, both in respect to user experience (UX) and search engine optimisation (SEO). I was challenged with designing and developing a responsive website that will cater for all devices no matter the screen size.

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The site must also be able to provide the user with unique URL’s for each game – which the current, flash, website did not.

This was to be my first project that I'd get to do some designing for, so it was back to the pen and paper for me to map out the whole process. Once the design had been scrutinised by the team at Blitz Games Studios, it was into my IDE to turn the photoshop mockup into a reality. It took approximately a month to complete the final product.

The entire project is fairly simple in terms of coding. It's a database driven website built on the CodeIgniter framework which uses CSS media queries to provide the responsiveness and jQuery to give the final polish. View the website on your mobile/tablet/pc, or if you just want to see the fancy responsiveness working, just resize your browser window on your desktop!