PHP Warwickshire

User Group

This website has since been re-designed.

As the PHP community grows, new user groups have been popping up all over the world. Ben Plummer, Luke Steadman and (me) James Kirby decided to establish themselves as a PHP user group in Warwickshire. They needed a website where they can list upcoming events and allow people to easily register to their social media channels.

One Page Site

There was a very tight turn-around on this build as the site was being developed in conjunction with Propeller Communications, whom are the main sponsor of the group.

The site is primarily going to be used to provide information to upcoming events, with links to all their social media outlets.

I developed a single page website as there wasn't enough content to spread over multiple pages. It includes some elegant animations as you scroll down the page for a friendly-feel to the site.

Moving Forward

Because this user group is fairly new, the website is only basic. The future will plan to incorporate an Admin Panel into the site to enable the managing of events and inclusion of a Twitter & Instagram feed.