James Kirby

As an enthusiastic, bright and capable web developer I endeavour to produce the perfect online solution for your needs. Being technically proficient gives me the ability to produce stunning yet sound applications and websites, whilst being down-to-earth and easy to work with makes every project not only successful but enjoyable.

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A M Electrical's Responsive Build

A M Electrical

Responsive Build

Aaron Middleton required a position on the internet allowing him to showcase his latest work and gain business. He required a website which was accessible on all devices which had a clean and professional style. [...]

Shrek Alarm's Application Website

Shrek Alarm

Application Website

Blitz Games have developed a Shrek Alarm Clock in conjunction with DreamWorks. It's the first of its kind which allows anyone to be woken up and interact with everyone's favourite ogre! For the application to be shown to the world [...]

Blitz Games's Responsive Design

Blitz Games

Responsive Design

Whilst the Blitz Games website had already undertaken some work that I'd completed to make it accessible via mobiles, it was still not at its optimal performance, both in respect to user experience (UX) and search engine optimisation (SEO). I was challenged with designing and developing [...]

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