Whilst I primarily work with backend web technologies, like PHP, I think of myself as a hybrid web developer by utilizing my skills for both front and backend as well as keeping in touch with my creative side designing websites, logos and icons. For example; everything you see on this site I have designed & developed.

I work on LEMP, LAMP and WISP environments and pride myself on my ability to use multiple frameworks, such as; Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter and FuelPHP, aside from those I've got great experience in hand coding and bug fixing in native PHP. Check out my RSS Reader which was built with no frameworks or packages.


Cups of Tea


Pizzas Ordered


Complete Projects


The Economist

Contract -

Development and integration of a Cookie Management Platform (CMP) which had to be deployed to their group web sites which consisted of 200+ instances. This was built using Typescript and wraps a market leading CMP platform to enable the group to customise their experience. There were multiple internal tools created to aid in development, including a specific Wordpress plugin. On-going optimisations, maintenance and A/B testing of different layouts had been completed with detailed reports on best recommendations, along with regionalised consent.

TOCA Social

Contract -

Implementation and maintenance of backend microservices which are utilised by their on-site interactive football and dining experiences. This involved developing their services in NodeJS and configuring their infrastructure which was hosted within AWS and automated using Terraform.


Permanent -

Primarily leading the development of a proprietary analytical product, involving managing server infrastructures, product core development, and feature scoping. Aside from this, I implemented the entire development ecosystem which has been in place for over three years, including version control, automated tests, code-reviews, CI and finally CD. I also lead other internal tool development projects which are business-critical components, mostly built on the Laravel framework.


Permanent -

I've rotated from my role in Spacecraft Digital into the XForms Professional team within Jadu. This mean's I'm now a part of Jadu's core, giving me involvement in developing a product. It's also given me the experience working in a fully autonomous agile team consisting of quoting, scrums and retrospectives.

Spacecraft Digital

Permanent -

Primarily working in Professional Services, I built, maintained and supported current and new customers of Spacecraft's. Some examples of sites I've contributed to are birmingham.gov.uk and tjc.edu. I also spent time developing internal tools which made development and communication across teams easier.

Propeller Communications

Permanent -

Back-end website development primarily using FuelPHP as a framework whilst making use of shared packages. Project version control and package management using Git. Involvement in complete life cycles of projects whilst also providing support for previously developed websites. Some examples of the sites I had involvement with are zizzi.co.uk and pingpongdimsum.com.

Blitz Games Studios

Permanent -

Take initial web design concepts and create a website provided to the brief with design and functionality considered. Process redesigns and problems as they are requested, ensuring any modifications I make are fully tested and in working order before released. Ensuring current and new websites are as optimised as possible.

Lincoln University

BSc, Web Technology

Stratford College

BTEC National Diploma, IT Practitioners

Scrum Alliance

Certified ScrumMaster