I'm James Kirby and I'm a UK based contract senior engineer

I've a wealth of experience honed over 17 years as an engineer, specializing in Backend Engineering and DevOps. You're able to see some of my latest work-highlights below

The Economist

During my tenure at The Economist I was responsible for implementing & maintaining a company-wide consent management platform. This is used across 200+ websites to ensure their compliance.

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Toca Social

This business required my expertise to expedite their micro-services development in order to open their London 02 Arena venue. All their venues are fully automated and run from custom built AWS micro-services.

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For the last few months I've been building my first SAAS product; Simker (Name derives from "Sim-ple Trac-ker"). Although in closed beta, we've just on-boarded our first paying customer!! I'll be sharing more in the coming weeks 🥳

  • Warwickshire, UK