Vuven’s new company direction

Vuven’s new company direction

April 2013 sees the new release of Vuven, for which I am a front and back-end web developer for. Its re-brand gives a whole new direction to the company whom originally focused on creating a platform to allow users to find and publish entertainment businesses around the UK. It’s now moved into an umbrella company that encompasses their own, and other people’s, new initiatives and startups. Even with the re-brand, the original concept of Vuven has not been axed, just shelved for when the company has enough resources to make the platform a reality.

Vuven also took a redirection in their company colours and logo whilst going through the re-brand. It now takes on a metro-like format with subtle colours and a simplified logo imitating the “V” and the”N” of the company name – a brave decision, but one Chris Shortt (CEO) believes will harden the brand in the near future.

Moving onto the new website – at first it may seem like a fairly rudimental site, but upon taking a closer look you’ll swiftly find that it embraces some of the newest technologies that the web has to offer, including CSS3 and HTML5. For all the “techies” reading this, take a look under the hood and if you look hard enough, all will be revealed.

Keep an eye out for this, it’s going to be a game changer! You can follow the progress with Vuven on its social media feeds: and

If you’re interested in the development work behind Vuven, take a look at this page about Vuven.